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Enter on S. Braeswood Blvd.
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Weingarten Outdoor Tennis Complex

Enter on Atwell Dr.
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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, Our New J will be transitioning to new membership cards, and you will have the opportunity to access our building from an app on your phone. As we get closer to the building opening, we will notify all members as to what this will look like.

Yes, we are rolling out a new membership structure with the opening of our new J. We are streamlining our membership model so our members can take advantage of all the J community has to offer. We will offer 3 levels of membership:

Health, Sports, and Fitness/Tennis Membership – This all-inclusive membership will now give access to the Aquatics Centers, the entire third floor indoor and outdoor fitness center and tennis center. This will include access to group exercise, mind-body classes, water exercise, personal trainers, tennis pros, as well as babysitting services. This makes our new J a one stop shop for all to enjoy.

Program Membership – This membership will allow members priority registration and access to our extensive list of programs and classes, which includes access to swim and tennis lessons and gymnastics classes.

Public Access (NEW!): For the first time, members can take advantage of public access to all J programming and facilities. Individuals who select this option will be allowed to register for programs 72 hours after registration begins (except for Arts and Culture programming). The Public Access option will be offered at a 25% increase to our member pricing.

The new membership structure and rate increase will affect all members beginning January 2023. While most membership-based organizations increase fees incrementally year-over-year, The Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center did not increase our members’ fees at all over the last four years, as we knew how difficult the pandemic and various weather events were on our community. While there will be a slight increase in your dues, all health, sports and fitness members will get use of our adult locker rooms (ages 16+) at no additional cost.

AND we are planning a special “Thank You,” to showcase our appreciation to long standing members who have supported us as Our New J is being renovated and through the pandemic. We will give more information about this as it gets closer.

Yes! We always welcome public access to enjoy dining at Laykie’s.


Based on the current renovation schedule, The Community Pavilion (new building) will be open in December 20222. The Indoor Aquatics Center opened May 2022. Outdoor Aquatics Center will be fully open by December 2022 with the Outdoor Lap Pool opening in late August 2022 and the Family Recreational Pool opening in October. As you know, so much can impact renovation timing, so we will let you know of any changes should they occur. We will also share details of our Dedication Event on February 26, 2023 when more information is available.

Yes, the entire campus is ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant and so much of Our New J was built with accessibility at the forefront. There is a ramp located next to the front steps which will allow all members access to the building. There are also several elevator banks located throughout the building so all members can access the second and third floors.

The Atwell entrance will no longer be an entrance or exit point to the Weingarten building. All members, including Meals on Wheels volunteers, will access all our facilities (except BAS and Tennis) through The Community Pavilion facing Rutherglen. We will share with all members the most convenient route to get to their classes.

The restrooms of both the gymnastics center and tennis center will be new and improved as part of Our New J renovations. The lobby of the tennis center will also undergo renovations. We will have an air-conditioned trailer with restrooms outside of the Tennis Center for our members, guests and staff to use while construction is taking place. The Gymnastics Center will also be painted. 


Yes, we will be adding a variety of new group fitness classes. We look forward to doubling what we currently offer by the beginning of 2023! The new class schedule will offer more early morning and evening sessions to give our members even more opportunities to participate in group exercise classes.

There will be 4 studios located in the fitness center. Studios will include Group X, Reformer Pilates, Mind Body, and the Cycle Studio.

The new fitness center is increasing by 1,000 sq. feet of space, including an outdoor fitness deck!

A large amount of our current equipment will be upgraded.

Private and group swim lessons were offered through the summer after camp hours. Group swim lessons will start again on August 15 and will be available year-round.

There will be three spaces in The Community Pavilion to utilize as changing spaces.

Family Changing Rooms: There are five individual family changing rooms, which is the closest space to our indoor 5 lane lap pool. For our members’ convenience, the family changing rooms are gender neutral, and include an individual bathroom, shower and changing space.

Children and Family Locker Rooms: These locker rooms are located on the first floor of The Community Pavilion and will be for all ages to enjoy. This space will be utilized by camp and families who wish to change in the convince of a larger space.

Adult Locker Rooms: For individuals 16 years of age or older, these locker rooms are located on the second floor of The Community Pavilion. There is a staircase and elevator close to the outdoor pool which will take you directly to the second-floor locker rooms. The executive locker rooms will include permanent and day lockers, towel service, sauna, steam room and a whirlpool lounge area at no additional cost.

If you will be enjoying the indoor pool while construction is still taking place the restrooms located in the gymnastics area will be available to all members.

All pools will be heated and chilled.

The completed aquatics complex will consist of 4 pools! The indoor complex has a 5-lane lap pool which is 3 to 7 feet deep and a therapy pool which is 3 ½ feet deep. The outdoor lap pool is a 5-lane lap pool and is 3 to 8 feet deep. There are two family recreational pools. The first one, which is formally known as the Bertha Alyce pool is 0 to 3.3 feet deep, and the second pool is 6 feet deep. In addition to the pools, there is a gated indoor splash pad (almost open to the public!) and will be a new outdoor splash pad area.

The indoor aquatics complex will be opened May 2022! The outdoor lap pool will open in late August 2022 and the recreational pools will be ready for members and guests in December 2022.

Towel service will be available at both the fitness center and at The Aquatics Center. Service will begin when the Community Pavilion opens.

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“Behold how good and pleasant it is when all people live together as one.” – Psalm 133

Guided by the wise words of the Psalmist, the Evelyn Rubenstein JCC commits to build, nurture and elevate a culture of belonging in which we welcome, recognize and celebrate people of all backgrounds, abilities and identities in accessible, safe settings.

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